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UPDATE: The kind peeps at DC Photo sent me a PDF of the feature while I wait for my hard copies to arrive! I’ve posted some of the feature in its own post! Macro-liciousness @ DC Photo

I did an interview earlier this month for DC Photo Hong Kong, it’s out today. I am patiently (not) waiting for my copies to arrive, the only thing online right now is the index for the August 2010 issue… Can anyone translate?? heh!

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This one reminds me of winter. Could be because it was -21C out there this morning, that’s pre-windchill factor. The technical term, I believe, is "Efn Cold". Glad I brought my car into work today.

This is my last day of work (day job at any rate) for the year. Hope to have more time after this for flickr and other fun stuffs. Like presets. Of which I have a few.

Also? Happy Birthday, Mom!

To everyone who’s helped make my Etsy Shop such a big success, Thank You! *mwah*

Snow snow snow

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It is snowing. Again.

My cookies? Decorated. YAY. Now I can do all that other stuff that has to be done on the weekend before Christmas (which it is for me as I’m travelling and gone next weekend).

Mediafire is down atm – as over 600 of you know very well. If you absolutely positively HAVE to have yesterday’s preset pack, leave a message and someone will get them out to you as soon as is possible.

Gift Certificates available @ etsy for those last minute gifts.

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Only on flickr. Rly. (I figured you might check the exif) – Okay, also here, on the blog, where you can download the overlays used to make this photomograph – for FREE. Actions and presets as well. I think I used a preset on this one, can’t remember offhand. Likely “christmaseh holly” – my fave atm. Or? Anemone Lust. I have two favourites.

Presets / Actions / Overlays available here for free download.

Give away at my shop Stay tuned, here, for further information on the Etsy GIVE AWAY starting Boxing Day (December 26th).

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only a hippopotamus will do. Unfortunately? Muffin. And lasagna. For lunch, silly. HUNGRY. Probably all the shovelling I did yesterday. SFsnow.

Is this green enough for GGT? Ah, they’ll take anything, yes? YES! Ha.

Processed with the Christmaseh Holly Preset, the Toffee overlay and the Let it snow (big flakes) action. All free. All right here

Also? *ahhemmm*

I brake for bokeh photography GIVE AWAY on ETSY

E t s y GIVE AWAY!!! Stay tuned for details. It’s happening soon.

Give away at my shop

ho ho ho | snow snow snow

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Red. Sunday. Scarlet Sunday. Also? Overlays and actions. Up above, under the appropriate tab.

Also? Etsy!

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Fluffy goldfinches in the "snow". Snow added using free "Let is snow" action (and Toffee Overlay) Available as two free downloads:

These three guys are part of the ETSY BOGO promotion – Buy any size photo and receive another free. .

Winter birds

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