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Seems a little strange to be upping this today, when it is going to be so hot the AC will be turned on and probably stay on for the week. Why wont summer go away??

But it is Scarlet Sunday. And there is scarlet in this – don’t let your browsers or your monitors fool you. It is there. I know it is. I put it there.

This is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. Also? BOGO Sale!

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Birds on the wing. From Washington, DC last winter, right after the first of a few massive snow storms.

Now available in my Etsy shop!

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My fenceh? Is green. I also have a new friend. See below. Also, also? I get to go home today. Tonight. Later. Yay. and Boo.

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He was posing for me. Three feet away? Damn cute. Until he realised "canon" did not mean "fudd for me because I am posing for you and damned cute". Fickle friends.


Also? Stay tuned here – I plan on posting a few tutorials on using Photoshop: Layers, Textures, Masks, etc.

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Sometimes you just have to go back in time. A reworking of an old photo. I adore this shot. Dead hydrangea – what’s not to love. Also? Rederated. And? Etsied .

Now? Lobbit!


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Shot this morning while bus after bus went by me. I just didn’t care. I haven’t been "out" shooting in a while and it was f-u-n. Work be damned. Being late be damned. Also? Making people wonder just what was in the trees? F-U-N.

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I like to think *he* is. Another DC tree silhouette shot. Surprised? Heh. I have MOAR. If I can ever process them you might see them, too.

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Ugh. I have THE WORST interwebs connection today. AM *this* close to throwing computer out the window. Of course if I did that I’d never know if the three potential winners of the giveaway received their emails and responded. I never thought giving stuff away for free could be this difficult. I may end up picking new winners tomorrow. Rly. Details on the other blog.

This is one of three or four potential new shop items. In for test printing with the lab. And yes, that’s texture, mom.

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