Meet Walter

She’s 4 months old, all white and Frank’s new bestest friend. Or almost. My god kittens are fun.

Fall’s fairy tale

It’s red. I like it.

He came back

Actually has been back twice in the last 20 minutes. I walked in the house tonight and saw this through the bay window at the back.

Turns out squirrels are not a food group to this particular hawk. And they know it.

And another visitor

My latest visitor. Less happy to see him / her. Have seen her twice today. I’ve told chip e and bun e to be careful. I don’t think they understand. Oy

Knock, knock

My night visitor last night. Rly. Apparently they’re not uncommon now. With all the heat we’ve had this summer I’m not surprised.

No, I did not let him in.

A long walk…

off a short dock. Or words to that effect.


Autumn photography by raceytay.etsy.com

Autumnal, originally uploaded by raceytay.etsy.com.

One day it will be Autumn again. I hope.