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The Official Flower of Flickr Summer goes high key. Also? Blushes.

I am at work today for the first time since Monday. Planning on getting me a new monitor. Expect some Flickr time later today! Yay!

On White

Processed with the Raceytay preset available for download here

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which spot? That one! Yes, that one.

Another from the same morning as the previous. A gate I walk past every day. Xs and Ox. It’s been lemon0rated – that much I am sure off.

Also? I’m sneakering on the computer. Shhhhhhh

X does mark the spot.

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Don’t be afraid. Rly.

Also, is it trly Thursday? Oy. If only the next three weeks could go by as quickly – albeit less vertigo-y.

Bank Street a few weeks ago, before All This. How I long for those simple, pain free days. Also? My office! This was either Raceytayed or Lemon0rated – a while back. I forget which. Matters not as you can download both presets for LR, ACR and PSE.

View On Black

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Why? ‘Tis a church fenceh, that’s why.

Raceytayed – get your own here.

It’s fenceh day on Flickr. You have been warned.

View On Black

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I am cleaning out the hard drive. Again. I keep taking more photos. You’d think I’d learn. Rly.

My feet. My desk. My glasses. Also? The most comfortable shoes. Ever. They’ve been Raceytayed – ACR / LR / PSE and Actions available off the blog via the group.

Even more comfy

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Monster cone flowers, from Della’s garden. Lemon0rated (remember those FREE presets? Seems like such a long time ago, yes? Yes!) Also? tweaked in PS. Glowy and light and beautiful.

On white

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raceytay.etsy.com Fine Art Photography and Home Decor

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I wanted to take the vintage aliumery preset used this morning and make one that had more of a pinkish cast to it – like those very old photomographs you find buried in your grandmother’s attic. I came up with this, vintage aliumery 2 for Adobe Camera Raw | Lightroom. Yes, I’m very original.

The point I am trying to make? These free presets (along with all the others) are now available for download, free, for Photoshop Elements (6 & 7).

Add sunlight
Drama Queen
Soft Glow

Vintage Aliumery
Vintage Aliumery 2

Instructions on installation have been updated (with graphics) for using the Presets in Elements

Also? I think I have a vintage addiction. I can’t stop applying these two presets to my photos.

Also, also? I discovered today that the rounded corners, which I cannot do in ACR/CS3, works when applied with a preset made in ACR/ CS4. I’m going to make up a preset for rounded corners! Just not right this instant. Sry.

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