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Happy blue flowers on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. Oh to be with them now.

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Here there be dragons

I was out photomographing on Sunday. I have proof. You can busy said proof here: Etsy

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MOAR from PEI. I’m slowly making my way through the photos from earlier this month. I am feeling creative again. Also? Itching to go shooting again.

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unlike yours truly, who would be "queen of the pjs" today. Also? "queen of the I better eat something soon". I’ve been taking photos all morning, out in the yard, back in to download, back to the yard, a coffee here, another one there. I wish I could live off .cr2 files. Also? Coffee.

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I think you could probably make 427 of them if you wanted. Also? You can buy this photo!

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I see a merry-go-round when I look at this one. Yes, I know, I’m weird. Doubly so as I am revisiting old files again instead of process0rating new ones.

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Rly. In the morning light. Rly.

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