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It is snowing. Again.

My cookies? Decorated. YAY. Now I can do all that other stuff that has to be done on the weekend before Christmas (which it is for me as I’m travelling and gone next weekend).

Mediafire is down atm – as over 600 of you know very well. If you absolutely positively HAVE to have yesterday’s preset pack, leave a message and someone will get them out to you as soon as is possible.

Gift Certificates available @ etsy for those last minute gifts.

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only a hippopotamus will do. Unfortunately? Muffin. And lasagna. For lunch, silly. HUNGRY. Probably all the shovelling I did yesterday. SFsnow.

Is this green enough for GGT? Ah, they’ll take anything, yes? YES! Ha.

Processed with the Christmaseh Holly Preset, the Toffee overlay and the Let it snow (big flakes) action. All free. All right here

Also? *ahhemmm*

I brake for bokeh photography GIVE AWAY on ETSY

E t s y GIVE AWAY!!! Stay tuned for details. It’s happening soon.

Give away at my shop

ho ho ho | snow snow snow

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Red. Sunday. Scarlet Sunday. Also? Overlays and actions. Up above, under the appropriate tab.

Also? Etsy!

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Buy on Etsy

Last week it was blowing in the wind. Also? The sun flare and snow. All brought to you via the power of actions! Actions in action. Sun flare and both large and small flake snow. Also? Overlays! Sun Flare overlay.

I welcome you to count the snowflakes

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I used the Flakery and Big Flake overlays along with the High Noon action on this photo of a tiny flax flower.

A zip file of overlays awaits your downloading pleasure. This set contains two wintery overlays of snowflakes, one of which was created from a macro photo I took last winter of an actual snowflake. The rest are your generic overlays: Toffee, PurplE, Morning Mist and Sunflare. Files are saved as PNG and are between 25 – 50% transparent. Enjoy.

Now available on ETSY

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This is the luminous action, one of the three Portrait actions available for free download. They can be used for all photos but are intended to brighten and highlight portraits. Luminous adds a slight tint that looks vintage, glowy is a tad more colourful while still being bright, and shadows removes shadows – muchly.

Download the Portrait actions here

Original + Shadows action

Original + Glowing action
All three:

Image with all three actions applied

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Processed with Harold’s "Dancing Queen " Preset and then softened with the new "New Soft" Preset. I’ve used this a lot lately; so here it is for your tweaking pleasure. Available for Elements (6 & 7), ACR, Lightroom and also? As an action.

Dance with me

"New Soft" is meant to be used with other presets – it applies a soft fuzzy glow to the photo, apply it after you’ve done your other processing – it will not change much other than the clarity, sharpness and vibrancy of the photo.

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