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To believe they never would.

Confused? No relation to the photo – just a song. Stuck in my head. I’m hoping to release it and/or pass along. I’m thoughtful that way.

Also? Saturday, which means errands and work and when did the weekend become the busiest time of the week???

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I noticed today when testing out the actions in PSE7 that there was an action missing from the set for download. Too many versions floating around, too many raceytays. Even I was confus0rated.

The glitch has been fixed, and now the set contains all five actions. Now available for download You can download the new action set and delete the old. The actions "cool", Glowy and TTV work in PSE7. The other two do not (Raceytaying and vintage) Sry, they were made for PS, but can be tweaked in PSE7&6.

Instructions for installing and using actions in PSE7 can be read here

Also, the presets are still available for PSE7 & 6 if you contact me via email.


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Certainly not words. At least not for this dino. Don’t you be dissin’ my words. You can be downloadin’ my actions, however. Based on the 0rated Presets, they are now available for downloadfree. Some examples can be seen below of Glowy and Raceytayed. I worked to get the latter as close to the 0rated Preset as possible, but there are things you can do with RAW you just can’t do with JPEGs.

The Actions file contains: Glowy, Cool, Vintage, Raceytaying and TTV – which adds a vignette to your photo. Step by step instructions on how to load actions into Photoshop can be found here: IM Photography – installing and exporting actions

Oh also? My good friend harold.lloyd was kind enough to share his latest creation, the preset that created this beauty – the aliumery preset, available free as well. Follow the usual links. I used it below and it’s quite dreamy.

The actions work in Photoshop CS3 and CS4.

View On Black

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Example of the “glowy” action applied to this photo, available for download

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Example of the “raceytaying” action applied to this photo, available for download

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