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déjà vu, all over again. In homage to George, uploaded this day last year, I present my newest Christmas ornaments, The Nameless Angels.

Processed with the After Glow preset -Now available as a download for :

They’re playing carols in the stores already.

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Itty bitty flowers from the GoW. These are about the size of my baby finger nail. I say my baby finger nail because they are tiny, and you know how small dino hands are. Yes, these flowers are that small.

Listen as the wind blows (I insist)

Also? Combo Pak #2 – Presets for JPEGs – is now available for download
Combo Pak #2 includes:

  • Starbucks
  • After Glow
  • Anemone Lust
  • [Racey_Baker]
  • Sun Flared
  • Sous Marin


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and living in Cambridge. Rly. I have proof. See above. Also? I am alive and well and living in Cambridge. Turns out I have relatives here, too. How freaky is that? Irish relatives living in Cambridge. Heh. Weird world. Small world.

Jet lag is gone; 13 hours of sleep yesterday – or was that Mondyay? It’s all bokeh to me. Heading to London tomorrow for the day, or two – today? Churches and the Botanic Gardens, where I’ve been all morning. Also? I ❤ Bacon Rolls! Who knew?

Feel the warmth

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Or is it? It was taken at *gasp* f/3.5 so I’m not really sure. Well out of my comfort zone, anyway. Where I am currently nicely tucked up. At some point in the next few days, said comfort zone will be disturbed by some loud green dino stomping for an hour or so, so I am staying comfortable while I am able.

Come be comfortable.

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Packing, cleaning, hoping I didn’t forget anything. That is my day today. Pls don’t feel obliged to comment; I completely understand. I will checking in off and on. To the dusting!

Oh, this was "after glowed" back when it was called "pr0n star" heh. Available as a FREE preset for LR, ACR and PSE (6&7) – you know the drill.

Mum’s the word

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Another preset. This one happened accidentally last night. I couldn't recreate it if I tried, I'm just happy I saved it as I went along. I won't tell you what it was originally called. You will know it as "After Glow". It's based on some film presets I have been playing around with (Kodak for the curious). I think it works across most photos, I've tired it on a few, as you can see below. It even did a nice(r) job on Dilly from Wednesday.

Now available as a download for :

Busy last day at work, or part of a last day at work. I have a tonne of things to do and zero motivation to do them. Who am I ??

Help, I’ve presetted and I can’t get up.

Dilly After Glow

Little red flower After Glow

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