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Autumn photography by raceytay.etsy.com

Autumnal, originally uploaded by raceytay.etsy.com.

One day it will be Autumn again. I hope.

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I can’t help anthropomorphizing this guy, he looks so sad. Every single photo of him I have? He looks sad. I thought Gatineau Park was lovely (he’s a free bear, he is not a zoo bear).

Even with those eyes trained on you, he looks sad. Makes me want to give him all my blueberries….

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How’s this for awesome?

Yellow Autumn Forest Print by raceytay.etsy.com

Young Male Caribou in the Forest by raceytay.etsy.com

King of the Forest by raceytay.etsy.com

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Thanksgiving just around the corner (If you’re Canadian, eh?) it is definitely autumn. Also? Time for a little holiday. I’ll be back in about two weeks with new photographs to share. Hopefully well rested as well 🙂

Signs of October:
Deer antlers - autumn home decor and fall photography by raceytay.etsy.com

Cute deer in the autumn forest from raceytay.etsy.com

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That most wonderful time of the year has arrived. Welcome Autumn. Time for county fairs, leaf peeping, apple picking and cooler nights. This is my favourite time of year – it’s as though the world were turning red.

Harvest pear, rustic home decor by raceytay.etsy.com

Red maple leaf tree in Ottawa along the Rideau Canal

Rich red and orange maple tree forest photo from Ontario Canada

Golden harvest wheat fields at raceytay.etsy.com

pumpkin orange and rich brown photography at raceytay.etsy.com

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