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Also? Apple Crisp (Keep your giraffes away from my Apple Crisps). I made four of these babies today and one mini-me. Which I nommed.

For Scarlet Sunday – come add your photo to the Weekly Showcase!

Mmmmmmm smell the cinnamon

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I’ve tweaked the presets for use with JPEGS and made them available for download as either a Lightroom Package or an ACR Package. Caveat Emptor – they will not be exactly like the RAW presets, there are some things you can do with RAW that just do not translate.

Why did I do this? The presets, as they are, when used on JPEGs tend to blow everything out; add too much light (I would never have thought that possible had I not seen it with my own eyes!). I have toned them down for use with JPEGS in ACR and then converted them for use with LR.

The packages both include:

  • Aliumery
  • Bright
  • Drama Queen
  • Global Reset
  • Lemon0rated
  • Moody
  • Nostalgia
  • New Soft
  • Raceytayed
  • Rain
  • Refrig0rated
  • Soft glow
  • Spring0rated
  • Vintage aliumery 1 and 2

Also if you’re like me you may be scratching your head. JPEGS in ACR? Heh?? It seems if you go in via Adobe Bridge and right click the option to “open in ACR” is there. Who knew. Not I. Until a few days ago.


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raceytay.etsy.com Fine Art Photography and Home Decor

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I wanted to take the vintage aliumery preset used this morning and make one that had more of a pinkish cast to it – like those very old photomographs you find buried in your grandmother’s attic. I came up with this, vintage aliumery 2 for Adobe Camera Raw | Lightroom. Yes, I’m very original.

The point I am trying to make? These free presets (along with all the others) are now available for download, free, for Photoshop Elements (6 & 7).

Add sunlight
Drama Queen
Soft Glow

Vintage Aliumery
Vintage Aliumery 2

Instructions on installation have been updated (with graphics) for using the Presets in Elements

Also? I think I have a vintage addiction. I can’t stop applying these two presets to my photos.

Also, also? I discovered today that the rounded corners, which I cannot do in ACR/CS3, works when applied with a preset made in ACR/ CS4. I’m going to make up a preset for rounded corners! Just not right this instant. Sry.

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raceytay.etsy.com Fine Art Photography and Home Decor

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You can see this photo, untweaked but for the preset, below with all eight different presets applied to it. They are available free for download for both Adobe Camera Raw and LightRoom . Give me a few days and I’ll have them in a smaller size file for Elements 7 & 6.

Once again, instructions on installing presets / templates can be found in this older post.

Closer still

Click through to see them larger:


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