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Time for a butterfly, yes? Yes!

Also? A new preset. This one is called Pop Your Colour and as with all the others, it is free. Available as a download for :

Christmas presets are in the works.
Umm excuse me but I think you’re upside down. Rly.

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~Henry Van Dyke

Yes, it is another butterfly. Another one.

Also? A calendar. I’ve created a calendar for 2010. Available NAO!

View on Black

These are the photos I chose for the twelve months – they link back to Flickr below so you can see them full size

2010 Calendar

1. January, 2. February , 3. March , 4. April , 5. May , 6. June , 7. July , 8. August , 9. September , 10. October , 11. November , 12. December

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