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Happy blue flowers on a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. Oh to be with them now.

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The colours of autumn – all in one place. Also? Sun. From the arboretum a week or two ago.

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Here there be dragons

I was out photomographing on Sunday. I have proof. You can busy said proof here: Etsy

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Purplish. Blueish. Moonish. Vacuumish. Cleanish. Coughish. My day-ish.

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I’m a sucker for words. Books. Also? Bokeh. Oh and life @ 24mm f/1.4. Put them all together? *dies*

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MOAR from PEI. I’m slowly making my way through the photos from earlier this month. I am feeling creative again. Also? Itching to go shooting again.

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Join us, it’s bliss. And yes, this will be in my shop in the coming days. Also? I created a delicious treasury on Etsy filled with some gorgeous items. Pls to come and see? Also leave a comment!

Butterscotch and Honey nom nom nom

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