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Autumn photography by raceytay.etsy.com

Autumnal, originally uploaded by raceytay.etsy.com.

One day it will be Autumn again. I hope.

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I can’t help anthropomorphizing this guy, he looks so sad. Every single photo of him I have? He looks sad. I thought Gatineau Park was lovely (he’s a free bear, he is not a zoo bear).

Even with those eyes trained on you, he looks sad. Makes me want to give him all my blueberries….

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How’s this for awesome?

Yellow Autumn Forest Print by raceytay.etsy.com

Young Male Caribou in the Forest by raceytay.etsy.com

King of the Forest by raceytay.etsy.com

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Thanksgiving just around the corner (If you’re Canadian, eh?) it is definitely autumn. Also? Time for a little holiday. I’ll be back in about two weeks with new photographs to share. Hopefully well rested as well 🙂

Signs of October:
Deer antlers - autumn home decor and fall photography by raceytay.etsy.com

Cute deer in the autumn forest from raceytay.etsy.com

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