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Another found and processed – "they mostly come out at night.. mostly" and "new soft" Safetylast meets raceytay, today on Flickr.

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I’ve been meaning to use that as a title for a long time. A long time. Heh. Saw it on a billboard ad a while back.

Happy Whisper White Bokeh Vintage Aliumeried Wednesday. Now with added New Soft Preset. (Presets available here)

White? or Black?

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For Bench MondYay. Processed with “when the hurly-burly’s done” preset and then softened with the “new soft” preset. Both of which are available for download up above there ^^^

You can see examples of what the “New Soft” Preset does to photos below.


New Soft adds a soft glow to photos. It can be applied to a photo on its own, or mixed and matched with other presets.

On its own

New Soft Preset

Mixed with other presets

Nostalgia (from the Magical collection):
Nostalgia + New Soft

Vintage Aliumery 2:
Vintage aliumery + New Soft

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Processed with Harold’s "Dancing Queen " Preset and then softened with the new "New Soft" Preset. I’ve used this a lot lately; so here it is for your tweaking pleasure. Available for Elements (6 & 7), ACR, Lightroom and also? As an action.

Dance with me

"New Soft" is meant to be used with other presets – it applies a soft fuzzy glow to the photo, apply it after you’ve done your other processing – it will not change much other than the clarity, sharpness and vibrancy of the photo.

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