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Floating in the Garden of Wonder. Itty bitty coreopsis, this must have been shot with the 100mm, therefor? GFM. Also? FGM.

Oh, I insist

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Itty bitty flowers from the GoW. These are about the size of my baby finger nail. I say my baby finger nail because they are tiny, and you know how small dino hands are. Yes, these flowers are that small.

Listen as the wind blows (I insist)

Also? Combo Pak #2 – Presets for JPEGs – is now available for download
Combo Pak #2 includes:

  • Starbucks
  • After Glow
  • Anemone Lust
  • [Racey_Baker]
  • Sun Flared
  • Sous Marin


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One dark, one light. One that is yet to come.


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Also? The Bird is teh Word. Oy. When nothing is on TV at 5:30 thank cod for On Demand. I can watch Family Guy all morning. Heh.

Oh, this? [Racey_Baker]ed

Die you vile woman

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Enough Light?? Damn, this was hard. Take the right photo. Make sure it had something of the red family in it, make it properly red. Then make sure it had enough light. Pls John, it has enough light yes???

This is for John, who has been a Flickr Friend for a very long time, and who wrote me a very kind wordimonial.

mebbe there is more light here?

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~ willow

If there were a fenceh around the Hellmouth? This would be that fenceh.

Smells like sulphur, yes? Yes!

Once again [Racey_Baker]ed – available for download right here.

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~Sarah, she’s the new black.

Another from the nursery on Saturday. [Racey_Baker]ed and overlayed with Moar Sunlight. Also? The Return of Chillyfly. This one has it all, yes? Yes.

Nothing stands between us here and I won’t be denied

Preset available for free download for Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and PSE 6 & 7 right here

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