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I see a merry-go-round when I look at this one. Yes, I know, I’m weird. Doubly so as I am revisiting old files again instead of process0rating new ones.

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All she needs is the fifty
The fifty is all she needs

also? the 100mm and Ari.

See you from the other side of the pond tomorrow.

Mwah Mwah

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Also? Apple Crisp (Keep your giraffes away from my Apple Crisps). I made four of these babies today and one mini-me. Which I nommed.

For Scarlet Sunday – come add your photo to the Weekly Showcase!

Mmmmmmm smell the cinnamon

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yes, yes, yes. Even moar Sarah. Sarah on the brain. Also? Coreopsis. August 16 was a banner day for coreopsis. Heh, even though this was shot in July. Ha!

Spot the raindrops

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That’s what I see when I look at this. Heh. Raceytayed and then tweaked heavily in PS. Preset is available for download as Lightroom Template, Adobe Camera Raw XMP and Photoshop Elements DNG file – for 6&7. Where you ask? HERE!

Apple Betty? Safe in the freezer.

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Don’t be afraid. Rly.

Also, is it trly Thursday? Oy. If only the next three weeks could go by as quickly – albeit less vertigo-y.

Bank Street a few weeks ago, before All This. How I long for those simple, pain free days. Also? My office! This was either Raceytayed or Lemon0rated – a while back. I forget which. Matters not as you can download both presets for LR, ACR and PSE.

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Why? ‘Tis a church fenceh, that’s why.

Raceytayed – get your own here.

It’s fenceh day on Flickr. You have been warned.

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