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Rushed. Rly. On a Sunday morning of all things. Isn’t right. Not at all.

This had a preset applied a while back (‘When the hurly-burly’s done’, available for free download) but then I tweaked and tweaked. Lowering the vibrance was what really did it. Quite like it now. Could be better, but okay for the moment. There may be more. Later. Rly. Note the ‘may’.

Definitely wrong.

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Another found and processed – "they mostly come out at night.. mostly" and "new soft" Safetylast meets raceytay, today on Flickr.

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A very apt quote. I rediscovered a whole swathe of these alium from, lessee, May (May!) in LightRoom and started to play with some of the newer presets. I would now have significant difficulty if anyone ever told me I’d have to choose a single flower to photomograph for the rest of my days. Alium? Daisy? Bluebell? Echinacea? Crocosmia? Woe, woe, woe would be harold. Which makes this a good candidate for sad bokeh friday, where the Maxeran roams free, grazing in organic migraine-less pastures.

This one used the new ‘When the hurly-burly’s done’ preset. Not only is it new? It’s free. For all. A free-for-all! Lightroom and ACR / Photoshop versions right here.


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A tad late adding this one to the blog. Is all my fault. Blame me.

This used the tried and tested ‘They mostly come at night’ preset, available for freeeeee download right here. Saturation came down a tad, vibrance went up, and blacks went up a leeeetle. It was cropped. And then re-cropped. And then the crop was reset. And then cropped another way. And finally ended up like so.

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