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I’ve tweaked the presets for use with JPEGS and made them available for download as either a Lightroom Package or an ACR Package. Caveat Emptor – they will not be exactly like the RAW presets, there are some things you can do with RAW that just do not translate.

Why did I do this? The presets, as they are, when used on JPEGs tend to blow everything out; add too much light (I would never have thought that possible had I not seen it with my own eyes!). I have toned them down for use with JPEGS in ACR and then converted them for use with LR.

The packages both include:

  • Aliumery
  • Bright
  • Drama Queen
  • Global Reset
  • Lemon0rated
  • Moody
  • Nostalgia
  • New Soft
  • Raceytayed
  • Rain
  • Refrig0rated
  • Soft glow
  • Spring0rated
  • Vintage aliumery 1 and 2

Also if you’re like me you may be scratching your head. JPEGS in ACR? Heh?? It seems if you go in via Adobe Bridge and right click the option to “open in ACR” is there. Who knew. Not I. Until a few days ago.


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Kung Fu Tzu

I did. I did! I used it to go out and snap this lovely growing by the side of the road. For Perfect Purple Saturday, also know as Perfect Sofa Delivery Day! Yay!

Go outside

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Also? Adobe Photoshop Elements presets -of a fashion. Until I created the 0rated Presets I had no clue Elements existed. Never heard of it, never used it. I’ve spent the last couple of days playing with Elements, trying to get the 0rated Presets to work. They do not. However there is a way around it.

For your downloading pleasure, the 0rated presets for PSE 6 & 7





Please note: Elements 7 comes with the ACR plug-in installed. Elements 6 does not. You will need to download it and install it before these files will work.

Have a seat

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