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Chance encounter on a sunny autumn walk, Charlie and anonymous terrier, becoming friends.

If you’re still have problems with mediafire, leave a message on the blog.

Also? If I am around less the next couple of days? Busy, busy, busy. Christmas, baking, packing, travelling. Also? I was featured on a local blog, Apartment613, in their “gift giving guide w/in 100 miles of Ottawa”.

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Last week it was blowing in the wind. Also? The sun flare and snow. All brought to you via the power of actions! Actions in action. Sun flare and both large and small flake snow. Also? Overlays! Sun Flare overlay.

I welcome you to count the snowflakes

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As promised, for Chanelle and Amy, left out of this morning’s flare-y bokeh by a greedy balloon.

Also? The FREE LR set of presets for the Christmaseh Preset Package was all f0rked up. Isabelle caught the problem. Stoopid LR templates. I’ve repackaged them and upped them to media fire. You can get them FOR FREE here

blink blink blink

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Fenceh from the GoW – sunflared preset, available as a download for :

Shield your eyes

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Itty bitty flowers from the GoW. These are about the size of my baby finger nail. I say my baby finger nail because they are tiny, and you know how small dino hands are. Yes, these flowers are that small.

Listen as the wind blows (I insist)

Also? Combo Pak #2 – Presets for JPEGs – is now available for download
Combo Pak #2 includes:

  • Starbucks
  • After Glow
  • Anemone Lust
  • [Racey_Baker]
  • Sun Flared
  • Sous Marin


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Hydrangea in the sun with added flare. Processed with the new Sun Flared Preset, now available for download for :

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