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That’s it. I can’t think of a title that doesn’t involve "dizzy" or "vertigo" "or gdit when will it stop" Heh.

I did this up a while back using a few overlays from the free set I released a while ago (which you can get for FREE right here

A poppy. An orange poppy. Rather poppin’

It’s already rather lobbed, but wth

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Sneakered while heading up to the third level of a huge mall – fake tilt shift opportunities awaited. They await still, but at least I have the RAW material *ha!* Also? The title has little to do with this shot, I just liked the quote. Dunno why.

*stomp* did it die?

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Floating in the Garden of Wonder. Itty bitty coreopsis, this must have been shot with the 100mm, therefor? GFM. Also? FGM.

Oh, I insist

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~ my dad.

My dad rocks. So did this cheeseburger. *nom nom nom*

❤ it

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Fenceh from the GoW – sunflared preset, available as a download for :

Shield your eyes

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Another Cambridge fenceh. The UK? The fenceh capital of the world. Also? Held together by spiderwebs. Fenceh Week continues. Next week? Likely to be Red Leaf Week. I have a storehouse of red leaves. You have been warned.

Hey, you, Mr. Heartless! Clean that bloody mess up, would you?

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Admiralty Arch, on the way to the palace. Which I did not visit. I waved as I went by, though. I swear.


Zooming in

Like a cliché on an arch

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