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Poor George ii. He’s got a long wait ahead of him. To keep him from becoming bored I’ve left him my new set of presets to play with! The Christmaseh Presets Pack. You can play, too – bored or not.

Christmaseh Presets Pack

Now available as a download for :

Also available for PSE 6&7 as individual DNG files:

Examples of the presets applied to an original untweaked image can be seen below. Original and untweaked describes the state of George ii here, btw. When you have that much light you don’t really need process0rating, do you?

Ho ho ho | snow snow snow

Examples of the Christmaseh Presets applied to an original image, no tweaking:

New Christmaseh Presets

New Christmaseh Presets

Also? While uploading the most recent files to mediafire I noticed the stats on the account. Oy. Astounding.


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